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Water Innovation Europe 2020

A Water-Smart Society For A Post-COVID19 Green Deal

22 To 26 Of June 2020 Digital Edition


Water Europe Innovation Awards

In response to the market need for innovative solutions, Water Europe (WE) is hosting the WE Innovation Awards 2020 as part of the WE Water Innovation Week from 22nd to 25th June 2020, with the aim to support the implementation of the Water Europe Vision “The value of water: towards a future-proof model for a European water-smart society”.

The Awards will raise the visibility of new innovative water-related approaches, solutions, and technologies with high market or high-value application potential.

Water Europe Innovation Awards open their doors to diverse areas of expertise, as five different awards categories are featured, giving this way the opportunity to applicants to stand out in their respective fields of specialization.

Water Europe Innovation Awards categories

SME Award:

SMEs that are innovative both in terms of the solutions and the technologies they create and the way they market themselves and/or their solutions.

Water Governance Award:

Successful governance solutions

Water Technology & Ιnfrastructure Award:

Innovative technologies related to all aspects of the water cycle.

Digital Water Award:

Solutions providing digital value to water.

Global Water Challenges Award:

Water Innovative initiatives following the Sustainable Development goals.

Eligibility and conditions

Any legal entity registered in a Member State of the European Union or Associate Country is now invited to submit innovative breakthrough solutions or technologies that are in line with the Water Europe Vision and Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda in any of above 5 categories. Water Europe Leadership Teams will evaluate all the applications, on the basis of their innovation, market potential, impact, replicability and exploitation strategy. In addition to the prestigious award itself, Water Europe Innovation Awards winners will receive a marketing and communication support package from Water Europe to promote your innovative product. The Winning SME of the SMEs award category will be rewarded with a 2 years free membership at Water Europe. Winners will be required to produce a short video to present their successful solutions at the audience of WE Water Innovation Week. To apply, please use this link.

For more information about Water Europe Innovation Awards, please contact Mr. Andrea Rubini, Director of Operations at [javascript protected email address].

Discover Water Europe Innovation Awards 2020 winners

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Water Technology And Infrastructure Award 2020


Digital Water Award 2020

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SME Award 2020

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Water Governance Award 2020

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Global Water Challenges Award 2020

Simona Bonafe

Simona Bonafè

Water-Smart MEP Award 2020

Discover Water Europe Innovation Awards 2019 winners

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Water Technology And Infrastructure Award 2019


Digital Water Award 2019

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SME Award 2019

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Water Governance Award 2019

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Global Water Challenges Award 2019

Discover Water Europe Innovation Awards 2018 winners

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SME Award 2018

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Water Governance Award 2018


Digital Water Award 2018

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Water Technology And Infrastructure Award 2018

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Global Water Challenges Award 2018

Water Europe Innovation Awards 2018 winners progress

SmartH2O, Winner of the Digital Water Award 2018

The WE Digital Water Award has recognized the hard work of the SmartH2O consortium and the potential impact the SmartH2O solution can bring to the digitization of water utilities, in terms of water conservation, demand management, and increased user awareness. The SmartH2O legacy is growing: several former SmartH2O partners are now collaborating on the H2020 project enCOMPASS, I was selected to start the Chair of Smart Water Networks in Berlin, and the SmartWater service is being developed by Webratio.” Andrea Cominola, Assistant Professor, Chair of Smart Water Networks at Technische Universität Berlin and Einstein Center Digital Future.

HSBC Malta, Winner of WE Global Water Challenge Award 2018

Since the awarding of the WE Global Water Challenge Award, HSBC Malta has been able to replicate our nationwide water-conservation campaign - Catch the Drop - from schools and into the wider community with the launch of the HSBC Malta CSR Institute. The Institute intends to train 500 ‘ambassadors’ by 31st December 2019 around Sustainability issues. We are absolutely thrilled to note that since the launch of the Institute in October 2018 our training sessions are fully booked all the way up to March 2019.” Glenn Bugeja, Manager Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Malta

Concert'eau, Winner of WE Water Governance Award 2018

After the Water Governance Award 2018, Acceptables Avenirs has applied Concert'eau® for the social acceptance of an experiment of REUSE for spray irrigation of cereal crops in France. The solutions modeled and evaluated led to identify the adaptations of the experiment so that it is in conformity with the technical and economic expectations and respectful of the expectations of the local residents, the farmers, the municipality and NGO. Concert’eau® has confirmed its efficiency to integrate social issues in water management.” Philippe Vervier, CEO, Acceptables Avenirs

Altered, Winner of WE SME Water Innovation Award 2018

Since the WE SME Innovation Award, Altered has closed a round of financing that will let us accelerate sales, market rollout and further product development. We are excited to be launching a series of new products and partnerships during 2019. Not least the IKEA partnership that will take us a step closer to our mission to greatly reduce the use of water and energy across the globe.” Kaj Mickos, Co-Founder Altered

TECHNI, Winner of WE Water Technology And Infrastructure Award 2018

2018 - The year of TECHNI in water technology! In 2017, the system won the Oslo NoDig challenge, then the WE infrastructure award under Water Innovation Europe 2018, and recently now the award for best new tool in International Society of Trenchless Technologies. I can only say it has been a fantastic time where the water industry challenges us further. We are developing new robotic systems, performing branch pipe services and taking up new challenges like the safety and security of water supply.” Dag Almar Hansen, CEO, TECHNI

Discover Water Europe Innovation Awards 2017 winners

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SME Award 2017

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Water Governance Award 2017

Global Omnium

Digital Water Award 2017

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Water Technology And Infrastructure Award 2017