Water Innovation Europe 2020

A Water-Smart Society for a post-COVID19 Green Deal

22 to 26 of June 2020 Digital edition


Water Innovation Europe - 2020 Digital Edition

The digital edition of Water Innovation Europe 2020 wrapped up successfully on the 26th of June. During an entire innovative water week dedicated to 'A Water-Smart Society for a post-COVID19 Green Deal', over 500 participants joined us online across the whole week for 5 daily plenary sessions, 6 Water Europe Innovation Awards sessions, 2 side events, 16 Working Group meetings, over 200 B2B meetings, 15 digital booths, and the Water Europe Annual General Meeting.

Key messages to take home

The event started each day with panel sessions addressing the most pressing water-related challenges and opportunities. The sessions discussed the following topics:

  • A Water-Smart Society for a successful Post COVID19 Recovery Plan
  • A Water-Smart Industry for a Green Deal
  • A Water-Smart Society to provide healthy food for EU citizens
  • A Water-Smart Society for protecting aquatic biodiversity and habitats
  • A Water-Smart Society for excellent quality of water

Several compelling messages resulted from the sessions. Discover below the key ones:

  • Technological innovation is critical, if yet a means to an end. Social and financial innovation are also needed. We need new talent, new skills in the water sector, including a more integrated approach to policy design and implementation.

  • It’s been hundreds of years that we have been taking water for granted. Now we have an abundance of technologies, so what we also need is to share the best available knowledge. With training and education, we can reach much further from what we think it’s possible.

  • The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated how vulnerable our food security is and has emphasized the need to make it resilient, considering the international dimension, the length of supply chains and cross-sectoral implications of single-sector actions.

  • We need three revolutions: a revolution in understanding, in planning (designing) and in financing. The EU Green Deal is a great opportunity that enables Europe to lead by example the fair and green transition we need.

  • We need to encourage industries to use new technologies and circular processes. Assessment tools are also needed to evaluate the risks and reduce uncertainty caused by climate change.

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Water Europe Innovation Awards 2020

Discover the Winners

WE innovation awards 2020

Satisfaction Score: 9.07/10

WIE2020 satisfaction score

Water Innovation Europe 2020 had the highest satisfaction score ever: 9.07/10 based on the rate of 324 respondents. We are now analysing all the elements that have made this edition a success and capture the experience gained to enrich our future events, be it physical, digital, or hybrid.

Exhibitions and B2B Meetings

Digital exhibition - WIE2020

Over 200 B2B meetings took place during Water Innovation Europe 2020 and 15 virtual booths welcomed participants at the digital exhibition area. During the B2B meetings, organizations, projects, and businesses had the opportunity to interact with their target market and showcase their solutions.

Water Innovation Europe - 2020 Digital Edition

A Water-Smart Society for a post-COVID19 Green Deal

In 2050 Europe aims to be the world’s first climate-neutral continent implementing the European Green Deal: an ambitious package of measures to deeply transform our economy and society. In the meantime, the wake-up call of the COVID-19 crisis deeply reinforced this necessity for Europe to a new paradigm towards a Water-Smart Society, from crisis management to risk management and prevention in Europe and beyond.

Pollution and viruses do not stop at our boundaries and are not an issue of a single sector only. One trillion of the European budget will have to contribute to the ecological transition, particularly through emission reduction.

As water is a cross-sectoral and strategic resource, water security should be a prerequisite to make the green deal a success. We need investment in innovative solutions to achieve a Water Smart Society which fully considers the true value of water. Europe’s leadership has already demonstrated its positive impact in Europe and beyond to support green growth, find sustainable solutions and strengthen its position on the world market.

Research and innovation along the full value chain in the water sector can still go steps further:

  • How can water enable European society to prevent crises, ensure resiliency and reboot our economy after and beyond the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How could we make sure that water efficiency gains at an individual level are translated into long-term water security in a context of climate change adaptation?
  • How to fuel research, technological development, and wider sectoral policy coordination to tackle urgent global water and food systems challenges?
  • How to halt the loss of aquatic biodiversity through 2030 through inclusive models gathering the public sector, the private sector and civil society?
  • How to move away from conventional, linear approaches to tackle water quality deterioration, towards circularity and industrial symbiosis?

Water Innovation Europe background

With over 200 participants from all around Europe in every edition, Water Europe annual conference ‘Water Innovation Europe’ has grown to become the landmark event of the European water value chain every summer. The event brings together all the aspects of the sector: scientists and technology developers, utility representatives, large water users, European Public authorities, civil society organizations and finance experts. Water Innovation Europe offers an open platform for information gathering and networking among the most influential stakeholders from within and beyond the water sector.

Water Innovation Europe Goals

  • Shape Europe’s water future

You will have the unique opportunity to hear from top-notch speakers of the sector and gain new perspectives and insights that will enable you to see opportunities for the future of the water sector.

  • Connect and collaborate with your peers

Network, debate and discuss with EU-level decision makers and leading actors and companies from across the whole water value chain, through the conference’s targeted networking and extra speed dating sessions.

  • Raise your profile and visibility

Showcase your work and be part of the discussions in front of a targeted pan-European audience. You can also benefit from the conference’s exhibition corner to meet potential clients and partners or, increase your visibility by being one of WIE2020 sponsor.

  • Stay ahead of the curve

Learning about new technologies, innovations and projects will allow you to get the vibe of the current and future market trends and how you can take advantage of them.

What they said about Water Innovation Europe
key-note speaker

Great conference with very interesting speakers. Good job, as usual, by Water Europe!

Participant , Water Innovation 2019
key-note speaker

The quality of the panellists has never been higher than ever before! The Water Crisis session was very captivating and instructive.

Participant , Water Innovation 2018
key-note speaker

We believe water is important on all levels and this 2018 edition told the story of water to everyone by connecting all stakeholders on all different levels such as local, regional, European and worldwide!. Thanks to WssTP for this great event!

Participant, Water Innovation 2018
key-note speaker

I am very happy to be here today and to have received your Water Vision 2030. I'm in a room full of conscious people and that fills me with hope for our future.

Carlos Moedas,
EU commissioner for Research, Innovation, and Science during WIE2016
key-note speaker

Investment in water in Europe provides substantial benefits for European economy and society and we should make every effort to tap into them. The Water Europe Water Vision “The Value of Water: a future-proof model for a water-smart society” offers valuable insights in how the value of water for our society and economy can be realised

Jyrki Katainen,EC Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness about WIE 2017
key-note speaker

Good discussion with a wide range of different stakeholders.

Participant, Water Innovation 2017
key-note speaker

Pragmatic operative approach full of relevant global real issues regarding the water management field.

Participant, Water Innovation 2017