Sponsoring ‘ Water Innovation Europe 2017’ gives you a perfect opportunity to connect your company’s name with the successful organisation of WssTP’s annual conference, enhance your company’s profile and reach the most influential stakeholders. WIE2017 offers a diverse range of sponsorship opportunities to suit a range of budgets and areas of interest. It’s up to you now to choose the package that fits your needs best and get a positive return on your sponsorship investment! Check out our sponsorship packages below.

Sponsorship packages Gold Silver Bronze Exhibition
Company logo in communications (WssTP - WIE - SM - Press Releases) Yes Yes Yes No
200 words on profile sponsors’ page of WIE website Yes Yes Yes No
Promotional advertisement at WIE homepage Yes No No No
Exhibition Booth 18m2 12m2 6m2 6m2
Free Passes 5 3 2 1
Roll-up banner on main stage Yes No No No
Logo on the event welcome board Yes Yes Yes No
Presence on conference brochure Logo + 200 words Logo + feature text Logo + feature text No
Promotional Material on Welcome Package Yes Yes Yes No
Branding and visibility opportunity to display flags, banners, etc. Yes No No No
Price(€) 3.000€ 2.000€ 1.500€ 1.200€ Non Member
1.000€ Member
For more information please contact ana.deleon@wsstp.eu