This Exhibit Agreement (“agreement”) entrees into force and is effective as of the date the exhibitor submits the Event Exhibit Booth Reservation Form, and is between the exhibitor and WssTP with respect to the use of the exhibit space at the Diamant Conference Center in Brussels, during the 2017 WssTP Stakeholders event – 14th & 15th of June. By submitting this exhibit booth reservation, the exhibitor agrees to all terms set forth in this document.

1. Agreement for Exhibition Space:

The submission by online form, mail or other method of delivery of a duly signed exhibitor agreement constitutes an unqualified offer to accept exhibit space assigned pursuant to the provisions hereof. Upon acceptance by WssTP, as provided herein, this document shall constitute a binding agreement for exhibit space at the WssTP 2017 Stakeholders Event.

2. Selection of Exhibitors:

Exhibitors shall be selected from those companies generally providing products or services related to or of interest to WssTP and its network. WssTP reserves the right to select or reject, in whole or in part, any product or company not consistent with the image of WssTP or its policies and objectives, and shall have the right to exclude or to require modification, in whole or in part, of any exhibit which, in the sole discretion of WssTP, it considers unsuitable or not consistent with the character of event. WssTP reserves the right to prohibit the use of any electronic equipment or audio or visual displays or presentations that, in its sole discretion, in whole or in part, it considers objectionable.

3. Booth Amenities: All Booths Will Receive the Following:
  • 6sqm space
  • 2 chairs and 1 table
  • Registration of 1 participant – extra registrations shall be done through the Conference Registration form
  • Company logo in the WIE 2017 communications, website and booklet
4. Additional Furnishings:

Electrical outlets, internet service, and any furnishing other than those listed above are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and must be provided by them.

5. Space Selection:

Exhibit booth spaces are self-selected on a first-come first-served basis during the reservation process and will be finalized once WssTP has received and processed the booth reservation form, signed exhibitor agreement (online or hard copy version), and full payment.

6. Payment & Payment Options:

Payment is due within 15 days from invoice date. Failure to make full and timely payment will result in potential loss of your booth reservation. Payment options are as follows:

  • Bank transfer:
  • Account number: 001-5416796-04
  • IBAN: BE10 0015 41679604
7. Cancellation:

An exhibitor shall have the right to cancel this agreement before the 20th of May by written notice to WssTP. WssTP will refund the exhibitor's booth fees less a €300 cancellation processing fee per booth. If notice of cancellation is made after the booth reservation deadline, no refund will be made. Under all circumstances, WssTP retains the right to reassign any booth space cancelled by an exhibitor without incurring any liability to the exhibitor.

8. No Refunds:

No refunds will be issued on any exhibitor registrations which are prepaid but unused during the conference. Additionally, canceling a booth cancels the related exhibitor registration.

9. No Assignment, Sharing Without WssTP Prior Consent:

Exhibitors shall not assign or share exhibit space, in whole or in part, without prior written permission of WssTP.

10. Construction of Booths:

Booths shall be constructed prior to the event. To arrange all the logistics, the exhibitor has to keep WssTP informed every moment and coordinate its actions with it.

11. Space Assignment and Floor Plan:

WssTP will attempt to satisfy all requests for space assignment. WssTP reserves the right to change its space allocation at any time based upon space availability or the necessity of floor plan changes due to fire marshal requirements or other reasons.

12. Maintenance of Exhibits:

All exhibits shall be adequately staffed during the event hours. Exhibits shall not be removed until the conclusion of the event. Upon conclusion of the event, all exhibits and related materials must be removed promptly.

13. Meetings:

No exhibitor shall hold any meetings, events or hospitality suites that conflict with Conference hours unless approved in advance in writing by WssTP.

14. Modifications:

This agreement may be modified only by a writing signed by the parties. All exhibits shall be adequately staffed during the event hours. Exhibits shall not be removed until the conclusion of the event. Upon conclusion of the event, all exhibits and related materials must be removed promptly.

Anna Mazzetto
E-mail: anna.mazzetto@wsstp.eu Tel: +32(0)27927552